Elastastrap® Wrist & Thumb Strap – SMALL


  • Superior stretch for movement support
  • Compression control around injury
  • Anatomically designed and reinforced for best fit
  • Breathable fabric for maximum comfort
  • Suitable for muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints

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This product is the SMALL size.

Body Part Small – cm (inches) Medium – cm (inches) Large – cm (inches)
Wrist/Thumb 13 – 16.5 (5″-6½”) 16 – 19 (6½”-7½”) 19 – 22 (7½”-8½”)

The Elastastrap range compliments the Thermastrap products. Providing additional elastic compression for acute injury or non-thermal support. Unique in design requirements, Elastastrap has been clinically developed to provide “Superior Consumer Benefits”.

  • Compression without crimping. Elastastrap unique combination of material “Elaston” gives strong elasticity without restriction on the muscle or joint.
  • “Elaston” fabric provides superior comfort and support making Elastastrap’s strong, thick and durable that holds and retains shape.
  • Best fit and functional design Elastastrap supports are Clinically designed “larger” than other brands.
  • The full orthopaedic support for each area is more effective, and therefore comparable to comprehensive taping. Reinforced weaving in critical areas. Provides strengthened support and minimises crimping
  • Quality Appearance, Reverse black stitching for added design appeal. Reinforced stitch and wide band edges provide better support strength and compression control, preventing slipping and rolling down. The knee is open for patella freedom, with strong non-rip reinforced stitch
  • The wide band also “prevents” blood flow restriction the ankle avoids roller band discomfort seams and hems are over-locked flat.
  • Elaston ventilates and permits breathability for perspiration giving all day comfort. Elastastrap supports are available for ankle, calf, knee, thigh and elbow in sizes small, medium and large.