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  • COMBANTRIN®-1 treats Threadworms.
  • COMBANTRIN®-1 offers the simplicity of a one single-chocolate square treatment for Threadworms, from the COMBANTRIN® name you know and trust.
  • All it takes is one square, once only for each member of your family, regardless of body weight. COMBANTRIN®-1 Chocolate Squares are available in a 4 pack.
  • COMBANTRIN®-1 comes in pleasant tasting chocolate squares which may be chewed or swallowed.
  • COMBANTRIN®-1 may be used by all members of the family from 2 years of age.


Active Ingredients:

Each square contains 100mg Mebendazole.


One chocolate square, with or without food, will kill threadworm in adults and children from 2 years of age.


If pregnant consult your doctor prior to use. Do not give to children under 2 years of age. If roundworm, hookworm or whipworm are suspected seek medical advice. Free of gluten and artificial colours. Contains Lactose and sucrose.


Threadworms are highly contagious. They are easily spread by their tiny eggs being swallowed. The eggs can be transmitted through the air and breathed in. They can be picked off surfaces, such as door handles. They are then swallowed later when the fingers are placed in the mouth. The eggs stick together with a “glue” like substance which causes the itching sensation. When the infected area is scratched the eggs are transferred to the fingernails, then back to the mouth, continuing the cycle.

There are often no symptoms but the common signs of threadworm infestation are persistant scratching of the bottom, restless sleep, loss of appetite and irritability.